Fortnite fever is growing among gamers, and thus, it is evident that the game is different and has some worth playing factors in it. Come and play Fortnite.

Analyze the Fortnite

Touching the skies of success within a shorter period after the release, Fortnite became of the famed online gameplays ever. Zillions of players are regularly playing the game, which shows the addictive nature of this game.
Therefore there are a bunch of questions that people ask regarding this game. More the fans mean more the queries. Here you will get every possible answer in brief.

Fabulous Features Of Fortnite


• Free Gameplay

Yes, you can download and play only Fortnite Battle Royale for free but, Save the World is not. According to the developers of Fortnite Battle Royale, you can enjoy the free to play game permanently. While on the other side, Save the World will cost you around $39.99, but it can also become free to play soon.

• Live Chatting Options

One of the reasons why online gaming platforms grasp the attention of players is because of the availability of live chatting options. Yes, in Fortnite, also you get the opportunity to enable the chat. You can enjoy the gameplay with a parallel talk going on.

In the console and PC version of the Fortnite, it is possible to chat, but you can only chat with your squad, not with your enemies, like in Pubg. In Fortnite, you get access to both types of communications, one is voice chat, and another is on-screen text chat.

• Disable The Chat

Sometimes listening to other players can put you in danger. That is why we feel like disabling the chat. But how to do it is the common question? It is effortless! Go to the settings, then press R1 multiple times to switch audio, and turn off the voice chat. Afterward, save your current settings by clicking on the triangle. By doing this, you will not get disturbed by the voice of other players and vice-versa.

Tricks & Tips to Play Fortnite

– Make less sound so that nearby player cannot sense you are there
– Try to use headphones to conduct better interaction with your squad
– Immediately drink shield potions

What Is Fortnite Battle Royale?

One of the most asked questions is regarding the Fortnite Battle Royale. It is free to play an online video game by the epic Games. The concept of this game is no new; it is very much similar to the previous game. The fantastic thing, which you must know about the game, is that you can play it solo, with one player (duos), or with a group as well. Remember, each time match progress further, the area to play keeps on constricting, and the challenge becomes more laborious. The player gets less room to complete the task. The one team or individual who makes it to the last wins the Fortnite Battle Royale.


Further, it allows you to built walls, many other structures made up of collected resources, to take shield from the incoming fire. You can also construct obstacles.

What Is Fortnite Save The World?

Fortnite Save the world allows the gamer to battle different exciting missions filled with the enemies. Amidst monsters, you have to survive by proving your playing skills. There are defense missions too. Here you will experience the fun of playing solo. It is a fantastic co-op campaign in Fortnite. The gameplay commences following 98% destruction of the population caused by a sudden worldwide storm.

Moreover, the attacks of zombie-like creatures increased. If you win this battle, you get6 rewards to enhance the hero characters, weapons, and support teams to make your gameplay convenient and robust.

What Is the Difference between Fortnite Battle Royale and Save The World Battle Royale?

The biggest and the significant difference between Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World Battle Royale is that the type of gameplay you get. On the one hand, Fortnite Battle Royale is a PvP, which enables you to play with other online gamers, so on the other side, Save the World Battle Royale is a PvE type of gameplay and here you will have to fight with the environment.

Save the world is to survive in the game without the real players against MOBS, with good guns. Battle Royale is just a free-to-go shooter.

You will have to tackle and fight the terrible monster in Save the World Royale Battle with the weapons. On the other hand, Fortnite Royale Battle has fewer guns. One more significant difference is the mode of playing. Save the world is a free mode of Fortnite, whereas Royale Battle is free to go shooter gameplay.

Price of Fortnite

You can enjoy this thrilling game, only at $9.99.


So these were mostly asked questions regarding the famed Fortnite. Apart from this one, more queries of yours about the price will also be solved here. Therefore do not sit back gamers, pick up the right skin, and start your battle to be the champion of Fortnite.