Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator


Goat Simulator, produced and directed by Coffee Studio and released in April 2014, is a video game that allows you to live out the dream life of a goat. It is in the third person as you would have to control the activities of the goat in the game as it goes about creating havoc and mischief.

Created as a joke prototype of an internal game jam, the release of this video game has attracted a lot of public notice and celebration.

The activities around the game would involve headbutting people and different structures and just moving around being extremely rebellious and chaotic. The goat can also be transformed into different characters, expanding the horizon of the game experience.

In conclusion, this video game, as it was initially created as a joke, can still be seen as one. The concept behind its creation must be to hand over to its players the ability to create certain levels of damage, and they would otherwise never be able to create in reality and only for a few euros.