GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City


How do you make an already perfect game formula, even better? Well, ask Rockstar. They do an absolutely phenomenal job in recreating the Grand Theft Auto formula in Grand Theft Auto V, making it even better.

GTA V has all the amazing bits of gameplay mechanics from the previous Grand Theft Auto games. The extensive open world, where users can interact and do almost anything. A good and well-written story plot that succeeds in immersing the player.

However, GTA V takes everything one step further. There hasn’t been a larger and more beautifully done city in any other Grand Theft Auto game. Los Santos is bigger, more populated, filled with more things to do and more carefully done than any of the other environments of the previous Grand Theft Auto games.

GTA V also has a new take on the series story mode, as players are told the story of GTA V through three different viewpoint characters. This is uncharted territory that Rockstar beautifully handles and by the end of the story arch, you are left wanting more.

Rockstar also with GTA V fixes the checkpoint system that has long plagued the Grand Theft Auto series. Now you don’t have to take those long drives back to the mission point if you die during a mission.

Rockstar improves on the previous games in every sense with GTA V.