Just like every coin has a good and a bad side, Minecraft game has some Pros and a littles cons, but the pros of this game outweigh the cons.

Firstly we would like to share the Pros of this game. Minecraft allows you to be free for giving wings to your imagination. You have no boundaries, and all you need is to build and protect. This game lets you bring out your creativity on the screens. The high-end graphics of this game attracts players from every corner of this world. Much popular among the children in the age group of 6 to 15, Minecraft has won several hearts with its unique concept of using textured cubes to build everything.

This game can turn pixels into huge cities. Also, Minecraft has stories with missions to accomplish for the players to keep them always in the game. Icing on the cake is that this game has hundreds of servers where players from different places all across the globe can connect and play together. You have an idea to play; they have an entire server for that. Wanna you play mini-games? Minecraft has a range for you to choose from.

No coming to the Cons, Minecraft takes a lot of time and patience to build things. It’s good and engaging, but at times children spend more than the expected time of this video game other than the outdoor games. Another sad thing about this game is that it has no Mod support outside of the Java Edition. Lastly, this game is open to various players through the servers, and there some corrupt admins also in the gang.