Paradise Island 2

Paradise Island 2


Paradise Island 2 is the sequel of the first game paradise island published by the same company game insight. In this part, you have to go on an island and convert that tropical island into a fantastic resort hotel for tourists. As per the need of tourists, you will be suggested by the computer to add any setup. Tourists will pay you money, by using that money you can build new infrastructure.

Along with the money paid by tourists, you can also find hidden treasures of pirates, and use them to modernize your resort. You can make a reception house for tourists coming by ships. You can add cafes, beach villas and modernize the already existing building to make your resort more amusing for the tourists.

You can talk to the mayors of different cities for help in building your resort. Tourists will give you feedback on your resort. You can also explore jungles on the beach, and customize them as per tourist need, and you can even own a pet on the resort. This game contains excellent animated graphics of buildings and people.