Paradise Island

Paradise Island


Paradise island is a business simulation game published by Game insight classic. It can be played on android and iOS devices. In this game, the player reaches to a tropical island and starts making a resort for tourists as tourists are rushing on this island because of awesome scenery and sun.

Make cafes, discos, and bars for them, use your trading mind and develop that village into a fully flaked resort. Graphics and animation used in this game give a good feeling. As a player, you will be seeing everything happening on the beach from the top view. To play this game, you need not have an internet connection. This game can be played anywhere and by anybody.

The gameplay is straightforward, and you will keep getting instructions from the computer, using these instructions build this village into a fantastic place, which attracts the eye of eyes of tourists. You will have to use your business strategy, and there is a list of options in this game. You can choose infrastructure out of the list.

You can even build top-level amusement parks on the island. For building these infrastructures, you will have to pay for every item you want to buy.