Real Cake Maker 3D

Real Cake Maker 3D


Think about a game that supplies you with amazing cake recipes, specialized baking equipment, and amazing baking experience! The Real Cake Baker 3D gives you that and more!

Its 3D art would make the cake experience so real you would be kept salivating and just desiring delicious cakes!

Besides baking, you get to decorate also, as well as partake in cake competitions. Also, you get to host cake parties with your friends, where you get to serve them your mouth-watering cakes! So much fun in one game experience!

Watch as you grow into an expert Cake baker while participating in the game, baking wedding cakes for brides, birthday cakes, and cakes with different flavors, shapes, and colors. Lots of activities for your gaming pleasure! You could also get to have your cutest pictures on your cakes!

Do you love cakes, baking, decorating, parties, cooking, mixing, or drawing, the Real Cake Baker promises to offer a great time, doing what you love!