Shipwrecked Castaway Island

Shipwrecked Castaway Island


Shipwrecked are a village simulation and exploration-based video game published by pop reach incorporated. It can be played on mobile/tablet platforms. It is a type of exploration game in which you will be exploring lost islands. After getting one, you can name them by your choice.

You can build a new civilization on those islands, and you can train villagers on the island to do various works. You can build your fortune as per your choice on this island by making new buildings, dairy farms fortresses, and many more.

You can find treasures and use washed away cargoes of other ships to get money and use them in building your full flourished town with cafes, dairy, and everything that you want to see there because it’s your fortune.

You can connect with your friends on social media in this game, and you can see the leadership table among your social media friends. You can invite your friends to play this game, let’s get them joined in the endeavor of finding the island and building a fortune. This game is free to play and allowed the person above 13 years. The game contains well cartoonish graphics of everything in the village.