Taxi Game 2

Taxi Game 2


Taxi game 2 is a car driving simulator game published by Backlabs. This game can be played on your android mobile/tablet. This game is basically a car driving simulator game, in which you have to control steering, speed, brake, etc. In this game, you will have to drive a taxi car and do all the jobs of a taxi driver.

With driving, it is also a role-playing game. As a taxi driver, you will have to pick up people from their location and drop at their destination. After dispatching them, some money will be added to your account.

Using that money, you can upgrade your car as well as pay for maintenance, refueling, etc. The gameplay is simple, and you will be driving in traffic, passing over bridges, or passing through tunnels. On the road, you will have to stop at pre-set stop points.

In the game, real images of the valley and other sceneries are added, but roads, buildings, and people are animated. This game can be played in both first-person and third-person perspectives.