Trade Island

Trade Island


Trade Island is a game that has showcases life experiences in a town on an Island, and you as the Mayor is expected to run the town successfully.

As a Mayor, you would be required to manage the different infrastructure, projects such as building the city hall, trade factors such as truck orders, trade orders, productions being carried out in the Bakery, Furniture store and Plantation, distribution, etc. It seems like a huge task, but it’s also possible!

You also get to manage the buying and selling at the market, ensure there are sufficient vehicles to ease transportation among the town dwellers, as well as manage storage at your Warehouse.

This is a great game for anyone with interests in economic, commerce, and leadership, as skills in the areas are needed to be a successful player. You get to buy needed items also that may be needed by your town’s dwellers. You also get to decide if your town’s population gets increased or stays at the status quo. You get a chance to be the Mayor of your town!