Virtual Villager Origin 2

Virtual Villager Origin 2


Virtual villager origin 2 is a simulation task performing game published by the Last day at work, LLC. It can be played on android/iOS/windows device. In this simulation game, once you shipwreck and you have reached an island, which was once flourishing.

Now your task is to build a new village there and help villagers in survival. In this game, you can drag villagers and put them in the required field. You can train them in activities like building, repairing, farming, etc. After each period, you will get stats for skills villagers learned. Train them and win a new point after completing the task, get coins, and use them to purchase items from the store.

You will get a report card from the villagers in terms of health, education, etc. You can change the name and change the outfits of the villagers. To boost the working efficiency of villagers, you can powerup them using necklaces and stones. You can be the master of civilization on the island by training and educating them, breed educates, and train villagers to do survival work.