Wolf And Moon Sudoku

Wolf And Moon Sudoku


Ahh, Sudoku the world-renowned puzzle game. I can’t even count the number of mobile recreations of the game, most of them failing to impress. Gamefox, on the other hand, does a very pleasant job of bringing the phenomenal puzzle game to mobile with a different take on the aesthetics of the game.

The game-mechanics closely replicate the rules and requirements of the traditional Sudoku game, however, Gamefox introduces adds a lot of depth to the game by allowing users to choose their own grid size and indulge in the game’s lore. The game’s AI and difficulty levels are also done fantastically and as the grid size increases the game becomes increasingly challenging and ever so-satisfying to beat.

Where Wolf And Moon: Sudoku truly outshines from the other Sudoku games out there is it’s art-style. The wolfy touch to the game makes it a treat to play. The character’s designs are phenomenally done and the game’s lore and illustrations are very fascinating, to say the least. The UI and user flow are also tremendously done and playing the game feels smooth and easy to do.